When DFO released its Integrated Geoduck Management Framework in March of 2017, we at ADIMS responded with a petition calling for a moratorium on geoduck aquaculture until it was proven safe within the marine environment.

Ninety percent (90%!) of Denman’s western shore is used by the shellfish growing industry. Geoduck aquaculture would further intensify industrial activity in the intertidal zone, and increase the threat to the marine ecosystem. The tenure applications for subtidal geoduck aquaculture are in the areas where herring spawn, on the north eastern side of the island. These installations could entangle spawning herring in netting, and degrade the spawning habitat. Added to those problems, the amount of plastic debris and microplastics that would be generated is dangerous and unacceptable.

We brought our paper petition to a couple of events in the following months, and several hundred Denman residents signed it. However, we realized we would need a more efficient means to gather emough names to influence decision makers in DFO, and politicians.

We had to up our game, so we put our petition online at Change.org. At the same time, we redesigned our website, adims.ca, to include a Take Action link to the petition. Since the website came online six weeks ago, we have gathered about 1100 signatures. With promotion, we could probably gather many more signatures, but now we’ve been given a chance to up our game once more.

Gord Johns, our Member of Parliament, has offered to sponsor our petition against geoduck aquaculture in Parliament. This will give us the opportunity to directly address Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister for Fisheries and Oceans, and challenge him to declare a moratorium on our coast.

Just 25 signatures give Gord Johns the chance to rise in the House and
speak about the issue of geoduck aquaculture.

This August, ADIMS directors will be at the Saturday Market gathering signatures, to prepare for the Fall session of Parliament.

  • Those who have signed the previous petition may sign this new petition.

We want to give Gord Johns the opportunity to speak on behalf of protecting our marine ecosystem from a scheme that contaminates it with plastic, and degrades critical fish habitat.