We advocate for the protection of Baynes Sound and Lambert Channel and surrounding waters

ADIMS pursues positive actions that show respect for and commitment to our marine ecosystem.

We want to ensure that all commercial and recreational activities are conducted on a scale, and according to a code of practice that preserves and protects the diverse values of our marine environment, designated an Ecologically and Biologically Significant Area.

About Us

We are dedicated island dwellers who advocate respect for marine creatures and the ocean they live in. We believe in accepting responsibility to help protect, conserve, restore, and maintain the wealth and beauty of the life that surrounds us.

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Our Initiatives

Our initiatives advocate for the health of our ecosystem and the marine creatures of our waters. We aim to educate local communities about harmful practices, and to work with our neighbours to create environmentally just, economically viable ways to live here.

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Our video collection includes Carol Hunter’s beautiful celebration of the herring spawn. Not so beautiful are the clips showing acres of beach under anti-predator netting, and the mountains of aquaculture-related garbage that wash up on this island.

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Get involved in the work for a clean and healthy ocean. Your time and energy are important contributions.

  • Read and sign our petition: Stop Geoduck Farming on Our Coast
  • Donate to ADIMS
  • Participate in the next shoreline cleanup
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