Ramona de Graaf

Scientist and forage fish expert Ramona de Graaf teaches us about the spawning habitat of Pacific sand lance and surf smelt and why protecting it is the key to sustaining salmon populations on the coast. For more go to Our Waters/Forage Fish. (10 min)

Aquaculture and microplastics: We can heal Denman Island and Baynes Sound

A drone flies up the shoreline in Baynes Sound, between Denman Island and Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  A description of the ecological effects of development in the Sound explains what the viewer is seeing. (3 min.)

Herring Spawn – Fillongley Beach – 2015

Carol Hunter captures the excitement and wonder of the annual herring spawn around Denman Island, in the Strait of Georgia This is the largest remaining herring spawn on the west coast of Canada.
(approx. 8 min)

Baynes Sound : A Lot To Be Lost

Scientists take us on a tour of Baynes Sound, showing us it’s precious ecological features and sharing their concern about the growing threats of industry and development.
(9 min 30 sec)

The annual Big Beach Cleanup on Denman Island, 2017

Sussan Thomson documents Denman Islanders collecting, sorting, and recycling the 4.5 metric tons of debris, mostly from the aquaculture industry, that washes up on their beaches every year.  (8 min.)

Herring deaths on Denman Island blamed on clam nets

Nets that havve been placed along portions of Denman Island’s shoreline to protect clam tenures are today being blamed for the deaths of hundreds of herring. CTV News, 7 March 2013.  (2:47)

Shellfish mess litters Denman Island
Curating Cleaner Waters youth program on Denman Island

A creative group of youth participated in a Beach Cleanup production called “Curating Cleaner Waters” under the direction of Jamie Black who runs the Wild Craft Play ‘sCool program.  (1:38)