News from Conservancy Hornby Island

FEB 22, 2019 — Thanks to you and over 60,000 concerned people signing our petition to stop the industrial herring fishery that will be happening within a couple of weeks in the Salish Sea, the media have been paying attention. MP Gord Johns has added his voice in Parliament.

But Jonathan Wilkinson and the DFO have not listened. They have chosen to go ahead with a 20% quota, allowing 21,000 tons of herring to be removed for fish farms and livestock feed despite the tens of millions of dollars that they have allocated to Chinook salmon and Southern Resident orca recovery.

Herring feed our coast.

21,000 tons of herring could feed up to 900,000 Chinook.

It’s time to make them listen. Please share this petition with your friends, and call or email your local federal representative and tell them that you vote for herring using the tools on Pacific Wild’s site.

Thank you once again for your support!

Conservancy Hornby Island