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Updated August 1st. We will be providing further updates at this link regarding the FOUR currently known entangled whales off the coast of BC.
Please if you are a boater, educate yourself about what to do and what NOT to do. See link.

Initial post:
Whale 1) Checkmate the Humpback's entanglement is not evident at the surface i.e. you need to be able to recognize this individual. Please read further below.

Whale 2) X-Ray the Humpback is dragging rope at the surface. Last sighted at Kelsey Bay on July 26th with an adult whale, Slits. May no longer be traveling together. For detail on X-Ray, click/swipe left.

Entanglement is such a very real threat to Humpbacks that all of us with eyes on the water should be on the lookout and know what to do. Please see . ~50% of the Humpbacks have scarring from entanglement (as per our research conducted in collaboration with DFO_. We cannot know how many die and sink to the bottom of the ocean.

The greatest challenge is to find the whales back whereby recognition of individuals and knowing where they were last sighted is so important. It is the longterm impacts of infection and not being able to feed or move properly that most often lead to death.
Initial post re. Checkmate
This post is to serve 2 purposes:
1) Primarily, for those with the expertise to ID whales as individuals, to increase the chances of relocating Checkmate.
2) To increase awareness about what to do if an entanglement is witnessed.

Checkmate was documented as entangled due to the vigilance of a member of the whale watching community around Campbell River. It was immediately called in to the Incident Reporting Line at 1-800-465-4336. Expertise was dispatched to Campbell River with Straitwatch maintaining watch on the whale.

The entanglement shifted to only be under the surface of the water, around the whale’s pectoral fin. This makes disentanglement extremely difficult and it was also not possible to attach a tracking tag to the rope so that Checkmate could be found this morning so that disentanglement attempts by DFO can continue.

If you think you have found Checkmate, please see this link to send the photos (taken outside 200m) so that we can confirm and not overtax DFO. If you are certain it is Checkmate, or another entangled whale, call 1-800-465-4336. To send photos:

Cetus Research & Conservation Society
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This looks like a great initiative. The pilot project only applies to Ford's Cove on Hornby at this point. ... See MoreSee Less

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This article looks at efforts to protect orcas on both sides of the border. A small pet peeve is that I wish both imperial and metric units were provided for all numbers.Orcas without borders

The Salish Sea’s endangered southern resident orcas travel freely across the U.S.-Canada border, unconstrained by political boundaries. But while they don’t require passports, they can still face differing policies and conditions as they go back and forth between nations. We look at some of the ways that the United States and Canada compare in their efforts to protect the whales.
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